The Baker Group has always held a leadership role in presenting asset/liability and investment management educational programs for community financial institutions. Now more than ever, it is essential that financial institutions achieve a higher level of knowledge and understanding in these critical areas. We are dedicated to helping our clients with broad based educational tools and resources beginning with our seminars, webinars, training sessions, and speaking events. Baker strategists design and deliver seminars that focus on the most important and timely topics as well as fundamental concepts relating to interest rate risk and investments. Our emphasis on client education is a big part of our firm’s history and culture.

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The Baker Group has always believed that the best way to help clients succeed is to give them the tools and resources for success. This begins with a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts relating to Interest Rate Risk and Bank Investment Management. For years, Baker representatives have been speaking at banking schools, seminars, conventions and workshops around the country in order to help community bankers gain insights and education on key topics. Our conference calls and webinars are an additional source of education for bank managers and directors seeking guidance and deeper understanding of important issues.


Investment Glossary

The Baker Investment Glossary provides detailed explanation and definitions of fundamental measures and calculations as well as descriptions of key concepts such as duration and convexity. This is a handy education tool as well as a useful reference to help bank managers and directors with basic understanding of common investment concepts, phrases, and terms. It is a helpful guide and source of information for portfolio managers and investment officers in particular, but also for directors who are involved in oversight of investment processes.

A/L Glossary

In order to get optimal performance from your Asset/Liability processes and reporting system, it is helpful to have usable information at your fingertips. This includes our in-depth glossary of terms which provides explanations and descriptions of key ratios, and metrics that help to define and measure interest rate risk. The A/L glossary is a helpful addition to our other documents, including a user guide provided for understanding the IRRM (Interest Rate Risk Monitor) methodology and reporting.



In order to provide clients with timely and actionable information about the latest news, trends, or hot-topics on investments or interest rate risk, The Baker Group publishes regular articles and papers in various outlets. All of these, plus internal market memos and notes to clients are posted on the website for review. As with our other educational resources, we strive to make helpful information fully available to community bankers, including our insights and assessments of current hot-topics.