Software Solutions

Software Solutions is The Baker Group’s proprietary family of four industry-responsive programs proven to help community financial institutions improve their performance.

Because interest rates can change in the blink of an eye, it is vital for financial institutions to have access to effective tools that enable them to make informed decisions, manage assets and liabilities, track results, and avoid problems.

Software Solutions is an integrated resource providing the following four distinct programs, each designed to help your financial institutions improve its performance:

  • BBA: Baker Bond Accounting®
  • APM: Advanced Portfolio Monitor®
  • IRRM: Interest Rate Risk Monitor®
  • BSM: Balance Sheet Monitor®

By integrating interest rate risk and investment portfolio management, these programs enable your financial institutions to build a portfolio that achieves earnings goals while managing and monitoring interest rate risk. We call this total resource management.

*The Baker Group, LP is the sole authorized distributor for the products and services developed and provided by The Baker Group Software Solutions, Inc.