Bond School

Baker Bond School gives new portfolio managers and beginners to fixed income investing the knowledge to better understand the various types of securities available, how to analyze them effectively, and how to use that knowledge to confidently build and manage a high-performance investment portfolio within the framework of the entire balance sheet.

What You’ll Learn
  • Fundamentals of bonds and bond market investing
  • Understanding the impact of the economy, monetary policy, and interest rates on the bond portfolio
  • Demystifying the complex world of bond analytics, including pricing, duration, convexity, and total return
  • Characteristics of high performance portfolios and how industry allocations have changed over the years
  • Introduction to bond types, and the pros and cons of including each in your investment portfolio
    • Treasuries
    • Agencies
    • Municipals
    • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)
    • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO)
    • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) pools
    • Adjustable Rate Securities
  • How to develop an effective municipal credit analysis process
  • Security selection techniques, and how to conduct effective prepurchase analysis
  • How to analyze bond offerings and Bloomberg screens
  • Regulatory implications for the bond portfolio
  • Incorporating investment portfolio management into asset/liability management