August 3, 2015

Springfield, Illinois
Illini Golf and Country Club

1601 Illini Road
Springfield, IL 62704

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Seminar Information

Having anticipated 2015's time of transition, bank managers are equipping themselves with the information they need to face the unique challenges and opportunities that lie before them. Making a successful transition requires the right tools, techniques, and processes. But most importantly, it requires the right partner—The Baker Group—and one very special event.

The Baker Group’s Interest Rate Risk and Investment Strategies Seminar is developed specifically for managers of financial institutions. Designed to meet the transition challenges of 2015, it is an in-depth examination of current topics including:

  • Bank Performance Trends and Industry Landscape
  • Asset/Liability Management: Finding Keys to High Performance
  • Game-Plans for a Shifting Rate Environment
  • Managing Investment Risk: Strategy and Tactics
  • Regulatory Expectations for Interest Rate Risk and Investments
  • Modeling Assumptions and Key Simulations for Interest Rate Risk
  • Security Selection Decisions: Cash Flow and Relative Value
  • Sector-Specific Risk Management: MBS Prepays and Municipal Bond Credit Analysis
  • Liquidity, Cash Flow, and the Bond Portfolio

Who Should Attend

Financial institutions’ CEOs, CFOs, investment officers, board members, and those who are directly or indirectly responsible for financial management functions will benefit from this seminar. There is no cost for this seminar.

Attendance to the Investment Strategies and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is limited in order to allow attendees as much one-on-one and Q&A time as needed. The level of learning for this seminar is intermediate to advanced, and basic knowledge of finance and banking is recommended. Because this seminar is presented without charge to attendees, there are no refund or cancellation policies. We do, however, welcome any constructive suggestions you might have concerning the seminar. Your comments should be directed to Skoshi Heron at 1.888.990.0010.

Seminar Agenda

 a.m. Continental Breakfast
 a.m. Seminar
 a.m. Lunch
 p.m. Golf