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About Baker

“Bank managements needed an approach that focused on the total bank; and that approach became known as asset/liability management.”
— Dr. James V. Baker, Jr. Asset/Liability Management 1981

The Baker Group has been a trusted financial partner helping community financial institutions improve their decision-making, interest rate risk management, and investment portfolio performance since 1979.

In 1981, founder James V. Baker revolutionized financial risk management with his publication, Asset/Liability Management. In his best-selling book, Dr. Baker recommended integrating interest rate risk and investment portfolio management with balance sheet management to better monitor and measure interest rate risk and improve overall performance. By applying Baker’s “total bank” approach, community financial institutions were able to adapt to the changing market throughout the years.

Today, The Baker Group is one of the nation’s largest independently owned securities firms specializing in investment portfolio and interest rate risk management for community financial institutions nationwide. After decades of industry service, The Baker Group continues to grow and adapt in order to better serve their financial partners.

Our Philosophy

We take pride in providing our financial partners the support they need to reach their highest potential.

Baker’s comprehensive approach is designed to help your financial institution maximize its performance across every area of your organization. From the services we provide to our customized solutions and guidance, Baker’s philosophy is at the core of everything we do.

Our Fucus is You

The Baker Group is nationally recognized by these state banking associations:

  • Alabama Bankers Association
  • Community Bankers Association of Illinois
  • Indiana Bankers Association
  • North Dakota Bankers Association
  • Pennsylvania Bankers Association
  • Independent Bankers Association of Texas

1601 NW Expressway, 21st Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: 405.415.7200
Toll-Free: 800.937.2257
Fax: 405.415.7392

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