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Asset/Liability Management

Interest rate risk reporting and regulatory compliance is important; however, ALM also provides the opportunity to enhance your institution’s performance through the coordinated management of your bank’s entire balance sheet.

The Baker Group is recognized as a leader and a pioneer in asset/liability management for advising community financial institutions. Our team takes a consultative approach, using a suite of services and proprietary software that tailors solutions to your institution’s individual needs.

ALM Strategy & Consulting
The big picture is sometimes hard to see when a million smaller issues keep popping up. The Baker Group helps you stay focused on the future with our strategy ...

Quarterly IRR Reports
The Baker Group provides powerful tools for modeling exposure to risk, stress testing the balance sheet, and simulating the impact of different potential environments and ...

Liquidity Risk Management
Liquidity risk has remained a high regulatory focus as a result of the 2008 global financial crisis; however, The Baker Group will help put risk ...

Funding Solutions
Baker Funding Solutions allow us to create value for our clients through CD issuance as a funding service. More importantly, it empowers clients ...

Loan Sales & Trading
If your institution needs to manage liquidity risk, concentration risk, credit risk, or overall interest rate risk, we have the ability to draw upon our deep client base to ...


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