Public Finance

Our experienced Public Finance team takes the time to listen and understand your specific needs while providing expertise in:

  • Comprehensive Municipal Advisory services including capital planning, rating agency and credit enhancement strategies, financial policy development, and financial modeling
  • Public and private bond underwriting 
  • Bank and private placement financing
  • Municipal portfolio and investment services
  • Continuing Disclosure services

Our Public Finance platform is enhanced by staunch primary and secondary trading teams and exceptional distribution.  We leverage our experience and extensive relationships with Banks, Trust Departments, and other institutional investors to drive demand for your bonds.  

The Baker Group is proud of our long history of working with municipalities in the Midwest.  We continue our focus on competitive underwriting as we expand our capabilities in negotiated…

Municipal Advisory

We provide exceptional financial advisor services to more than 1,600 clients across 29 offices in 17 states. Our financial advisory professionals work together across geographical and practice group boundaries to help you receive the benefits of the entire firm’s expertise.
These benefits include:

  • The firm's collective specialized expertise, local knowledge and national experience
  • Professionals who are accessible and quickly respond to your inquiries
  • Our direct participation in the capital markets affords financial advisory clients with real-time local and national market sensitivity to make informed decisions.
  • Our house expertise in arbitrage rebate, government investment pools, investment advisory, disclosure, trading and municipal underwriting is readily available to each financial advisory client.

We maintain deep and proven expertise across a variety of public finance sectors:

  • Airports
  • Convention Center / Hotel
  • General Obligation
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospital Affiliation, Merger & Acquisition Services
  • Housing
  • Municipal Utility Districts
  • Public-Private Partnerships 
  • Ports
  • Project Finance
  • Public Power
  • Rapid Transit
  • School Districts
  • Special Districts
  • State Revolving Funds
  • Student Loans
  • Toll Roads
  • Water and Sewer

To learn more about our financial advisory expertise in specific sectors, please visit our sector expertise page.


We provide underwriting expertise for our municipal clients. With national resources at our disposal and a keen awareness of regional needs, we're able to provide greater benefit to you. During 2016, we underwrote, as senior manager or co-manager, more than $29 billion in total, which includes more than $366 million for 78 bank-qualified transactions.

Unique benefits and a unique perspective

The diversity of our in-house resources translates into a number of unique benefits for our underwriting clients.

  • Our distribution network enhances our ability to pre-market and distribute municipal bonds and notes to numerous investor categories including large institutional investors, regional institutions and high net worth individuals.
  • We are dedicated to the municipal bond market. We are known best for our history as a leading underwriter or financial advisor to municipalities across the nation. Our capital and resources directly support our municipal trading and underwriting activities, and our management thoroughly understands municipal risk.
  • As of one the largest municipal advisory firms, which is also a registered broker-dealer, we are exposed to a wide variety of underwritings. This provides us a unique perspective and allows us to offer you the latest structuring ideas and marketing strategies being employed across all sectors of the market.

Distribution network for a wide range of investor groups

Our position as a national leader in public finance enhances our ability to both maintain and expand our distribution network throughout the following investor groups:

Tier 1 Firms — Large institutional investors, including mutual funds, trust departments, large corporations, money managers, and insurance companies. Our prominence in the financial advisory arena provides us with added credibility when selling bonds to these institutions.

Tier 2 Firms — Regional institutions such as trust departments, smaller corporations and regional banks. Major underwriting firms often overlook these markets, while we are continuing to expand our sales force within this segment.

Tier 3 Firms — Retail such as high net worth individuals, local money managers, and prime brokers. We continue to expand our sales force within this valuable segment.

Continuing Disclosure

Our continuing disclosure services work closely with individual municipalities to assist them in meeting the disclosure requirements set forth in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 15c2-12.

Proactive expertise to ensure low-cost access

Offering a platform for our municipal clients to maintain ready, low-cost access to the capital markets is a key priority for us. In fact, we are one of the only financial advisory firms in the United States with a dedicated disclosure services practice, enabling our professionals to solely focus on your disclosure needs.

While most other disclosure services firms simply notify municipalities of pending filing dates, our professionals work closely with clients to help them prepare and file the appropriate reports. This unique approach saves time and resources while helping them remain in compliance with Rule 15c2-12.

Turn-key continuing disclosure services to save time

To reduce the time our municipal clients spend fulfilling complex continuing disclosure requirements, we provide seamless turn-key continuing disclosure services by:

  • Carefully reviewing past continuing disclosure filings and obligations.
  • Advising on issuer continuing disclosure undertakings.
  • Monitoring for certain material events that may require the filing of notices.
  • Preparing and filing material events notices and annual reports.
  • Sending semi-annual material events questionnaires.
  • Proprietary software reduces non-compliance issues

Our dedicated continuing disclosure services team utilizes a proprietary software system that reduces the likelihood of non-compliance with SEC Rule 15c2-12. Key features of our system are:

  • Ongoing maintenance of issuer compliance status.
  • Automatic tracking of issuers’ annual filing requirements and associated deadlines.
  • Notification of material events, such as rating changes and refunded bond issues.
  • Ongoing monitoring of filing requirements and deadlines for conduit issuers and their obligated members.

Staying current

Our continuing disclosure services professionals closely monitor changing or potentially changing industry requirements that may impact our municipal clients. We help our clients maintain an ongoing awareness of these potential changes and their possible impact.